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at the age of 20 no less丁香婷婷色五月激情综合深爱
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at the age of 20 no less丁香婷婷色五月激情综合深爱

There were many things Peter Parker could call the lady known as Natasha Romanoff. Black widow, Avenger, Assassin, Friend, Girlfriend and finally (surprising even him) Wife. Yes, Natasha Romanoff, the first female Avenger, was now his wife. He could turn his head slightly and see her, her arms clinging to him in her sleep, the cheap yet real diamond ring that lay on her finger twinkling lightly. If that didn't prove it, the slight swelling bump of her womb that showed in the moonlight of their apartment would have confirmed it.How had it gotten to be like this. How had Peter Parker, the handsome yet shy Nerd/Geek from Queens managed to nab, at the age of 20 no less, a beautiful and powerful woman 8 years older than him, who kicked the ass of Evil all over the world. Truth be told, the meetings the two had had before Natasha finally saw what she was looking for in Peter had been far from normal in terms of what society expected.##############################He was taking pictures of the park. J.J.may have paid him to get pictures of Superheroes (which he got no matter the risk) but sometimes it was nice for a change of views. He saw a particular scene that he thought was kind of cute. A lady in a blue tracksuit jogging about and stopping to pet a particular cute looking cat. That the woman was gorgeous would no doubt convince Jameson to find a spot for it in the bugle the next day. He snapped the photo and turned to walk away, not seeing the curious look the redhead was giving him.#############################He walked into one of the public restrooms in the park, his photo taking for the day done. He was just about to unzip his fly and take a leak, when he heard the sound of the restroom door open and shut, it's lock clicking into place. He turned around and almost fell stumbling as the same woman from the park stood right infront of him, hands in her pockets in an easygoing manner. Looking at her from so close just emphasized how beautiful she was. Flame red hair reaching her neck. Green eyes, full red lips with what looked like freshly applied lipstick on. A perfect figure and her huge and firm tits showed from even her half opened tracksuit vest. She appeared to be Russian from her looks, though not many could tell. She seemed even more familliar now that he thought about it.It snapped as soon as the Falcon logo on her vest came into view. S.H.I.E.L.D. The Avengers. The Black widow!!.......Oh Shit!!############################"Hello Handsome." She started saying a smile on her lips as she stared at Peter. Just like any trained agent and Assassin, she could already see the guy infront of her was no threat. A normal photographer from the look of it. And he seemed to already know who she was. To tell the truth, she was feeling kind of adventurous today. And the slutty side she usually kept under wraps, even from Clint, seemed to be coming up today. Why not have some fun? Give the guy an experience he would never forget. It didn't have to be violent or anything."I like to keep my private life seperate from my work. That includes where i do my own runs. So if you don't mind handing over that film, I'll give you something...""Take it. I don't really need it for my paper anyway." Peter said quickly, retrieving the film from the camera and throwing it to her as she gently caught it. She threw into the nearest stall toilet and flushed, turning just before Peter to make a move to leave."And where are you going? I haven't paid for your film yet.""Thats alright, I'll just be leaving....." She grabbed his shoulders, turned him to an empty stall and pushed him onto the vacant toilet seat."I insist."##############################Natasha didn't believe her eyes as she pulled Peter's trousers and pants down.Peter's cock was a huge thing, lying across his lap to one side as he sat on the toilet seat, embarrassingly hard, thick and veiny. His full balls hung between his legs, filled and heavy with virgin cum. Oh she knew he was a virgin. She reached out and grasped the wide and thick girth of his cock. She held it with both hands, and began to softly stroke it.Hungrily, she took the head of his cock into her mouth, sucking lightly and licking the tip with her full lips. He groaned as she licked the length of his thick cock. Her red lips sucked on his cum filled balls, moaning whorishly as she sucked them one at a time into her hot mouth, massaging and licking them before giving each cum orb a deep loving kiss, leaving several fresh red lipstick stains all over them, marking them for no other woman but her. Peter only knew they'd be hard to come off. Natasha silently admired the great size and weight of them and thought to herself how much cum these spunk orbs could produce. She looked up at him, smiling wickedly. "I think I'm going to keep you."She held his cock with both hands at the base and, with her mouth wide open, slid his thick cock deep into her mouth and throat. She was immediately able to swallow 5 inches of his erect cock and sucked hard on it. She felt the flared head of his cock touch theback of her throat. She closed her eyes and relaxed as she began to give Peter Parker his first blow job. The first of many from her.With the head of his cock deep in her throat, she used her warm throat to slowly milk and stroke his shaft while sucking with all her strength. She used one hand to stroke his shaft and the other to cup and massage his balls. She opened her eyes and locked them with Peter's. As she bobbed, slurped, sucked, licked, and stroked his thick cock, she felt her pussy begin to grow wet with wanton desire, soaking through her panties. Saliva coated his dick and ran down her chin,国产粉嫩高中生第一次不戴套 neck and flowed between her full tits, past her running shirt and tracksuit vest. Peter now had his fingers running affectionately through her flame red hair, causing Natasha to purr in satisfaction at the appreciation and suck harder. The suction of her mouth was so strong that with each partial withdraw, a long, loud slurp could be heard and the outline of the head of his thick cock could be seen through the flesh of her cheeks. It sounded wet, sloppy and messy.Natasha sucked and sucked for over 15 minutes while Peter lounged on the toilet seat, still not believing this was happening. As she sucked him, she slid more and more of his cock into her throat. Soon, she had swallowed all 7 and a half inches of him. She swore she could very well feel it at the entrance to her stomach. Experienced as she was, she was amazed that she was able to swallow all of his thick monster.She sucked hard on just the head of his cock before she slowly sucked his entire penis into her mouth and throat. She sucked as hard as she could and let his cock slide back out. She slid her mouth on his cock, deep throating him and stroking him and sucking on his testicles. His cock was covered with her saliva which she used as lube to jack his thick length. It was then than she felt it. Something building within her as she sucked Peter off. She was Cumming.Natasha bobbed her head hard on her his cock, sucking with all her might. The orgasm hit her so hard she swallowed his cock to the root. Her eyes rolled back and wave after wave of intense pleasure shot through her like a lightning bolt. Her throat contracted and convulsed on Peter's cock, her panties completely drenched with juice as she both came and pissed herself in uncontrollable pleasure. To think, after all the men she had sucked off over the years, she was experiencing this with a virgin.It was too much for Peter though. He let put a loud shout of pleasure as the first torrent of cum surged out of his cock and into the back of Natasha's throat. She swallowed and swallowed as the copious amounts of thick backed up sperm ejaculated from his cock. She slid her throat off his shaft until only the head of his cock was in her mouth so that she could taste his cum and savor her treat. Spurt after powerful spurt leapt from his cock and onto her tongue. Peter was beside himself, " Drink it, drink it! Swallow my cum you Avenger Whore!" She thrust his cock deep into throat her again until his heavy balls came to rest beneath her chin. He continued to ejaculate hot and thick semen down her convulsing throat and into her hungry belly. Cum began to trickle out of her mouth and run down her saliva covered chin. His semen was hot, very hot and too good to waste so she swallowed all she could. Gobs of creamy white cum ran down her chest, between her heavy tits, onto her flat firm stomach and forming a sticky patch that showed through her shirt and suit vest.Moments later, his cum subsided and his trembling lessened. She continued to suck hard on his cock while she slowly pulled it out of her throat, across her tongue and past her full red lips. The spurting of his cum slowed until his huge sperm factories were complete drained of their contents. Natasha sucked hard on the tip of her Peter's Cock, attempting to extract all the cum she could. She wasn't going to let it waste after all. With the tip of his penis in her mouth, she grabbed his cock at the base with her fist and, using the side of her thumb, she pressed it against his urethra, she then gripped it tightly and slid her hand slowly up his cock, forcing the remaining semen up and out of his cock and into her hot mouth. She sucked the last of his cum as it oozed out of the tip of his penis into her mouth and greedily swallowed it down. She used her other hand to squeeze and fondle his now soft nuts. She continued to lovingly slurp on the head of his cock for several more minutes until his cock was soft, clean and wet with her hot spit. It wasn't over though. Peter had been wanting to do something before he was interrupted."Miss Romanoff…""Call me Natasha, Iyubovnik( Lover)""I need you to stop sucking. I really need to go….."Unfortunately, Natasha wasn't having it. With a hard suck, her dear virgin photographer was using her as a urinal, his piss going down her throat in a hot and steady stream. Soon her full lips wrapped around his cockhead and she was soon sucking out his piss like milkshake through a straw."Damn! How did i get blessed to get sucked off and treat the Black widow as a cumhole and urinal." Peter wondered. With a final spurt, he tapered off and his dickhead was soon getting a slurpy cleaning. Natasha's belly was now full a mixture of his cum and piss.She continued to suck on his cock until it softened and all his piss had been extracted. She took her mouth off it and softly stroked it and messaged his empty balls. Her lipstick was smudged and her belly full of his liquids and all she did was give his cock more kisses of loyalty as he lovingly ran his fingers through her soft red tresses.###############################They parted ways, Natasha slipping into the night as it had quickly come. Peter had found a paper with her number and e-mail address and a time to reach her. She expected a call every night for a phone sex session and he was expected to meet up with her wherever she specified. It seemed Peter had a very dangerous and very beautiful and slutty Avenger for a girlfriend now. And all in one day. He guessed.He looked down at the paper."You better call me….or else I'll track you down and wring you dry of cum for the rest of your life." XOXOOh Yeah, He was fucked.He just didn't know if it was a bad thing or a good thing.



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